A little planning with your photographer ahead of time can go a long way on your wedding day. I recommend that most of my clients prepare a photo list of all of the formal shots that they would like their photographer to capture on their wedding day, but lately I have encouraged clients to take this even a step further. Though the formal shots with the family are important to have, many of those stunning “candid” shots are the ones you will actually end up framing and hanging on the wall, and sometimes these “candid” shots require a bit of planning and location scouting prior to your big day. Be sure to give your photographer examples of images you would like to re-create or emulate in case there is any prep work or special equipment that needs to be considered. Check out the images below and be Infinitely Inspired to plan a couple of special not so “candid,” but very memorable shots for your wedding day.

From my Clients’ Weddings

Image by Terrence Bishop Photography

Image by From the Hip Photo

Image by Opie Opfer Photography

Web Inspiration

From whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com

From aphroditesweddingblog.com

From tinyurl.ms

From goo.gl

From www.myweddingconcierge.com.au