New year, New colors! 2012’s wedding scene is expected to be filled with stylish hues ranging from the vibrant citrus and jewel tones, to sweet pastels and classy neutrals. When choosing your wedding colors it is important to remember to keep both you and your groom’s tastes in mind. A quick trick is to look at your living room or bedroom and determine which color you see most frequently. It might seem fairly obvious, but we tend to surround ourselves with colors that are the most aesthetically pleasing to us or colors that we like the best. And aren’t those the kind of colors your want surrounding you on your wedding day?

Vibrant Citrus & Jewel Tones

Create a fun, fresh and energetic atmosphere with deep tangerine colors and lemony yellows.

Pastels and Blush tones

There is something incredibly romantic about soft pinks and pastel greens. These muted and gentle tones were seen in many designers’ Spring 2012 collections.

Classy Neutrals & Textures

Neutral hues are timeless and beautiful! Try personalizing this color trend by adding textures and metallic tints or incorporating a warm glow with plenty of lit candles on guest tables.